Loss adjusting

We offer our clients an efficent and qualitative handling in the areas of personal insurance, motor insurance and conditions linked products. An important part of this is our unique 24-hour guarantee. The guarantee means that we will answer all incoming phone calls, letters and emails from the insured within 24 hours, whether weekday or weekend. In our respons we always inform the insured about the next step in the settlement of a claim so that he or she safely will be familiar with the process and when the notice of compensation can be expected.

Specialized skill & education

We conduct training programs in insurance law and tort law, and can also provide advice in personal injury law in different ways. We can view existing or new insurance conditions, perform audits to check that the matter has been settled correctly, control that letters and decisions to the insured are properly designed and that a proper compensation has been provided as well as a accurate reserve for the claim.


Do you have a temporary work peak or staff who are ill or on parental leave? Do you want to be able to switch up to a whole team of dedicated specialists if the situation requires it? Are you looking for a project leader or a manager in anticipation of the next recruitment? Our staffing pool will help you to quickly and cost-effectively access the right skills for your business. All our employees have extensive experience in the respective field.